Thursday, January 15, 2009

The 1980s

The Macau then passed to Forristall's GT Cars Inc, in Houston Texas in early 1981, from whom Dave Seibert of Atlanta Georgia bought it for $8000 in February 1981.

As the Macau appeared in 1982.
Taken at an early SVRA race at Altanta.
Pictures courtesy of David Seibert

Mr Seibert continued to race The Macau in historic events including the Atlanta Vintage Grand Prix in November 1984, there still being stickers from this event in the car. Prior to this Mr Seibert had gone some way to restoring the car to its 60's spec by re-installing a hump behind the drivers head, and re-painting The Macau overall silver with a black painted bonnet top. This is very much as the car appears today, the paint having stood up well to the last 20 years.

Racing at Altanta 1982

During 1987 the car was again advertised for sale bringing enquires from Europe. We are not sure if it was sold at this time but the next time The Macau had a public airing was when it turned up for auction in Switzerland in September 1991.

Painted silver again!

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