Thursday, January 15, 2009

The 1970s

The car passed to Alamo Sports Cars in Texas in February 1968 who raced it in the SCCA (Sports Car Club Of America) Nationals. It may have been during this period that the original magnesium wheels were substituted for wider Lotus 'wobbly' magnesium wheels.

The following mail was recieved from Ray Ariola that clears up this part of the Macau's history;

My name is Ray Ariola and I have been employed at Alamo Sports Cars for 11 years. I do part time work for a retired gentleman here named Robert Alexander on his stable of british cars( Spitfire, TR6, TR7,MG, even a Turner MKI, among others)this weekend while finishing up on an engine rebuild on one of his Spitfires, we were talking about other cars he has owned and he told me that he was an owner of the Macau spitfire at one time.

As he related it, he purchased it from Mr. Robin Eschauzier who founded Alamo Sports cars, who purchased it from Kas Kastner. Mr. Alexander sold the car to Gerry Barry (who licensed it for street use). He remembers the car as having the rotoflex rear suspension, and wobbly web wheels when he owned it. So it might be safe to assume that Mr. Eschauzier had those modifications made at his Triumph dealership.

Thanks for clearing that up Ray.

The Macau changed hands again in July 1974, this time Barry Jerry (Gerard T Barry) being the lucky chap. Mr Barry actually registered The Macau for the road with the registration PKN 689 in the county of Bexar Texas in November 1979.

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