Thursday, January 15, 2009

Prototype 3500 V8 Saloon

Factory V8 prototype saloon using TR8 running gear

This is one of four cars that we own that was originally built as a PE166 engine (later became the SD1 2,600cc straight six) or 2000 MkIII development shells, only this one is fitted with TR8 engine and 5 speed gearbox.

V8 Saloon at JOG on the 2004 RBRR

Built we are told as a painted and trimmed shell ready to go into the MkIII development program along with at least 30 other special 'off tools' shells this one got sidelined and ended up in TR8 development work. These cars were useful for all sorts of special work with their enlarged engine bays virtually anything would fit in, we have examples fitted with PE166 engines and 5 speed, 16 valve TR7 and 5 speed, 'normal' Triumph straight 6 prototype engine, and the V8 car here. We also have the remnants of a 5th car that was unfortunately banger raced before we could rescue it.

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