Friday, January 16, 2009


Cruise control, only fitted to modern luxury motors? We bought a Spitfire4 MkII a couple of years ago that had been fitted in the mid 1970s with this bolt on cruise control kit. The car has been off the road since the very early 1980s so we haven't yet tried it out. Sports cars with cruise control, whatever next?

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  1. Econocruise was developed at Associated Engineering developments in Rugby just down the road from Canley, in about 1972/3 (?)I was not involved with the design and developement group, but as I think, and I stand to be corrected if neccessary, that whilst it was developed for fitting as OED in car manufacture, AED were looking for extra markets, because times were hard (what's new) and so they produced a version for the DIY market, to retro fit to a standard car. I think the personel involved with its development bought the design from the company and set up their own company to manufacture and sell it.
    Who knows, your Spitfire could even be fitted with a prototype version.
    I have seen Econocruise stickers on a coach, but I do not know what happened to the company.